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Keystone Health

Leading the way to a healthier community

Today, Keystone Health has about 330 employees and sees about 47,000 patients.

Keystone Health is the only federally-qualified Community Health Center serving Franklin County. Community Health Centers are characterized by five essential elements that differentiate them from other providers:

They must be located in or serve a high need community, i.e. “medically underserved areas” or “medically underserved populations”
They must provide comprehensive primary care services as well as supportive services such as translation and transportation services that promote access to health care
Their services must be available to all residents of their service areas, with fees adjusted upon patients’ ability to pay-no one is turned away due to inability to pay
They must be governed by a community board with a majority of members being health center patients
They must meet other performance and accountability requirements regarding their administrative, clinical, and financial operations

Our Practices:

Keystone Family Medicine
Keystone Pediatrics
Keystone Dental Care
Keystone Behavioral Health
Keystone Women’s Care
Keystone Cardiology
Keystone Pharmacy
Keystone Internal Medicine
Keystone Urgent Care
Keystone Health Patient Financial Services
Keystone Audiology and Speech
Keystone Infectious Diseases

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