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Community Health Needs Assessment

What is a Community Health Needs Assessment?

Summit Health and Healthy Franklin County completed a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) in 2019 to identify the primary health needs and issues of the residents of Franklin County Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. The CHNA report identifies the strengths and assets of our community, and also identifies areas for improvement for the health and health care of our residents. The CHNA assessment and process enables healthcare providers and community organizations to strategically establish priorities and goals, develop interventions and measurable outcomes, and direct community resources to improve the health of residents living in the community. Click Here for information about the 2016 Community Health Improvement Plan. The 2019 plan is currently being developed.

Community Health Needs Assessment Info

Community Health Summit - June 5, 2019

One June 5, 2019, Summit Health and Healthy Franklin County facilitated a community health summit on the 2018-2019 Community Health Needs Assessment. 120 individuals attended the health summit, representing healthcare organizations, community organizations, education institutions, local government, and community representatives.

The health summit included four important presentations:

•Ann Spottswood, Director of Community Services for WellSpan/Summit Health provided an introduction to the Healthy Franklin County initiative and an overview of the CHNA process. Key points from Ann’s presentation included introduction of the Healthy Franklin County CHNA Leadership Team, and the work of the five Task Forces over the past three years and the systematic process used to identify the community health priorities for the next three years. To see Ann’s powerpoint, click here.

•Berwood Yost, Director of the Floyd Institute Center for Opinion Research and Director of the Floyd Institute for Public Policy at Franklin and Marshall College, presented the primary data survey information, research on secondary data for the CHNA and the key findings of the data. All participants were provided with a written summary of the key data findings on the health needs of the community. Key findings of the Center’s research show that the most significant health risks in Franklin County relate to obesity and related behaviors of diet and exercise, mental health issues, access to healthcare and the social determinants of health. 2 in 3 Franklin County residents are affected by one or more social determinants of health. To see Berwood’s presentation (video with powerpoint), click here. 

•Beth Toner, Senior Communications Officer for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, gave a keynote presentation. Beth’s presentation discussed the importance of health equity, social justice and how to build a culture of health. Beth explained how everyone can have an impact on improving the health of a community. To see Beth’s presentation (video with powerpoint), click here. 

• A panel discussion with Robert Stephens, Health Officer for Garrett County, Maryland and Jennifer Koppel, Executive Director of the Lancaster Coalition to End Homelessness was facilitated by Beth Toner. Both Robert and Jennifer shared their experiences with working with community partners and policy-makers to improve the health of their communities. They also discussed the significance of health equity, the social determinants of health, community engagement and engaging with diverse populations. To see the entire panel discussion (video), click here. 

Event participants shared why they attended the health summit. To see their interviews, click here.